Run your company with Odoo and Git

Git is your Odoo implementation partner. Start today with the only platform you will ever need to run your business: integrated apps, kept it simple, and loved by millions of users.

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Run your company with Odoo and Git.

As an Odoo Silver Partner, we have the experience needed to lorem ipsum.

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An Enterprise-Grade ERP solution

for small and large businesses

Open-source software

With an open-source development model, Odoo is the only user friendly platform growing and improving every day.

One app for every need

One need, one app. Odoo’s apps expand as you grow: Website, Sales, Finance, Inventory, Marketing, Services...

More than 7 million users

7 million and counting. Odoo is loved by millions of happy users that grow their businesses with this amazing solution.

Everything you'll ever need to

run your business in a single platform

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Field Service

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Common questions

How much does Odoo cost?

The implementation of an ERP system always depends on defining: Licensing, Implementation and On-going support and future growth plans.

Can we migrate from other ERP Systems to Odoo?

Yes, depending on the old ERP and its structure and export functionalities. Database access is helpful.

Can you help us upgrade from older Odoo versions to the best stable version?

Yes, our upgrade team can migrate your old system onto the newest stable version.

Do you work regional or throughout Germany?

We work throughout DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and Spain if the main implementation is in one of those countries. Additional worldwide support can be offered by our team, or by joint ventures Odoo partner.

Do you offer a free trial before we buy?

Yes, we can create testing databases for our clients, but this is only for the first "look and feel". Real workflows and the main benefit need real data instead of demo data.

If we decide to move from Odoo to another ERP in the future, is this possible?

Yes. The export functionality of Odoo is brilliant. Like the import it all depends on the future structure of the new database system.

We are

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